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Large Agency Reference List




Alabama State PoliceMassachusetts State PoliceOhio Highway Patrol
Arizona DPSMinnesota State PatrolOklahoma Highway Patrol
Connecticut State PoliceMississippi State PoliceRhode Island State Police
Florida Highway PatrolMissouri Highway PatrolSouth Carolina Highway Patrol
Georgia GBIMontana Highway PatrolSouth Dakota Highway Patrol
Idaho State PoliceNevada Highway PatrolTexas Highway Patrol
Iowa State PatrolNew Hampshire State PoliceUtah Highway Patrol
Kansas Highway PatrolNew Jersey State PoliceVermont State Police
Louisiana State PatrolNew Mexico State PoliceVirginia State Police
Maine State PoliceNew York State PoliceWest Virginia State Police
Maryland State PoliceNorth Carolina Highway PatrolWyoming Highway Patrol

Government Law Enforcement Agencies

ATFUS Army Military PoliceUS Marshalls
DEAUS Air Force PoliceUS Mint Police
Dept. of TransportationUS Border PatrolUS Park Police
FBIUS Capital PoliceUS Postal Police
Rail Road PoliceUS Forest ServiceUS Secret Service
TSAUS Homeland Security

**Tremco Police Package Anti-Theft Systems are also used by hundreds of cities and towns in the US and Canada

**Tremco Plug-In Systems for all Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge Patrol Cars, SUV’s, Vans, Pickups and more.