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11/24/17 – Clayton County, GA – Officer Jumps Out Of Running Patrol Car To Chase Suspect On Foot – Man Videotapes Himself Stealing Patrol Car – Puts It On Instagram


A video posted on Instagram and WorldStarHipHop showed a man recording himself stealing a police car to take it on a joyride.

Nearly every comment on the post said he was foolish for doing it.

The video shows him walk up to the car. The door was open and the engine was running because the officer it belongs to had just jumped out to chase a suspect into a neighborhood

The joyrider brought the car back before the officer even noticed it was gone, so police had no idea it had happened until someone posted the video on social media last week.

Police say the video was recorded in July.

Many people we spoke to said they are not even surprised to see this because young people go overboard on social media all the time

“He’s just doing it for clout, like, everybody wants clout these days,” one commenter said.


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