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10/16/17 Palm Beach County, FL – Florida Deputy’s Son Steals Patrol Car – Pulls Ex-Girlfriend Over – Orders Her New Boyfriend Out Of The Car – Robs Him

October 16, 2017


One day after a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy shot his ex-girlfriend in the back before turning the gun on himself, the son of another deputy stole his father’s patrol car and pulled his ex-girlfriend over.

Christopher Combs, 22, who is a paid cadet with the sheriff’s office, then ordered her new boyfriend to step out of the car via intercom, directing him to lay on the ground and empty his pockets.

The victim, who said he felt a metal object pressed against his head, said he robbed of his personal belongings, according to WPTV.

He also said Combs was laughing.

Combs, the son of Palm Beach Sheriff’s Lieutenant David Combs, was arrested nine hours later after the department tracked the car down through its GPS and notified Broward County sheriff’s deputies.

Combs was initially jailed on a $300,000 bond on four felony charges, but was released on a $120,000 bond.

Combs said “he became upset and that was why he started messing with (the couple),” according to the arrest report.

The victim was under the impression that a passenger was in the unmarked patrol car, who pressed the metal object against his head, but deputies have not mentioned anything about another suspect.

According to Jose Lambiet of Gossip Extra, who broke the story this afternoon:

The younger Combs allegedly got in his father’s squad car Friday night near the family’s Boynton Beach home and decided to drive south.

Allegedly, Combs tailed a car where his old girlfriend was riding alongside her new boyfriend, and eventually pulled the couple over.

Eventually, PBSO tracked down the car with the GPS installed on its service radio. By then, the younger Combs was driving in Broward County, records show, and got pulled over by a BSO deputy at 10 a.m. Saturday in Pompano Beach.

On top of it, the younger Combs appeared to be drunk although he wasn’t charged with DUI.
Combs was charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer, robbery with a weapon, and two counts of false imprisonment.

His father, who has been with the department since 1989, was out of town and apparently gave his son permission to use the car.

According to Combs’ arrest report, his father was out of town but told investigators he knew his unmarked patrol car was “in possession of his son Christopher who had parked it at a friend’s house. Lt. Combs advised investigators that he spoke to his son Christopher confirming the vehicle had not moved all day.”

But according to deputies, Combs had been driving the car around 1 AM Saturday when he activated its emergency red and blue lights and conducted a traffic stop on his ex-girlfriend who was driving with a friend. Her friend was ordered out of his car by Combs, via the PA intercom.

The victim complied with the demands, which “included to walk back towards the unmarked police vehicle with his hands up, to lay on the ground, and to empty out his pockets and place the contents on the ground.” The victim says he could heard Combs laughing.

According to the arrest report, at one point, “a passenger of the unmarked police car exited the vehicle, placing what appeared to be a metal object to the back of the victim’s head, before stealing his property.”
The younger Combs has been employed by the department since August 2016. He is also a college student.

His father, meanwhile, is now being investigated by internal affairs.

On Thursday, Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy Michael DeMarco was in his patrol car and in uniform when he shot his ex-girlfriend in the back before turning the gun on himself.

They had been dating four months before she broke up with him last month. The department’s deputies have a sordid history of domestic violence as we reported last week.

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