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10/11/17 Las Vegas, NV – Thief Broke Into Garage And Stole Las Vegas Metro Unmarked Police Car – Missing 9mm Handgun, Radio, Tactical Vest, Taser, Uniform

October 11, 2017


The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department needs help finding one of their own unmarked police cars.

Officers say a thief broke into the garage of one of their employees on Monday and drove away with the police unit and all the gear. The break-in happened at the LVMPD worker’s home off of South Pavilion Center and Alta drives.

“Of course we are concerned,” said LVMPD Officer Larry Hadfield.

The unmarked car has police lights and a siren. The license plate on the Maxima is Nevada plate 003 UHM.

“If you see an occupied stolen vehicle, in this case, this stolen police vehicle, we would ask you to call 911. Don’t do any enforcement on your own,” said Hadfield.

Police say inside the stolen car was a 9mm handgun, police radio, tactical vest with police insignia, taser, and tan patrol uniform.

Officers say if you are pulled over and are suspicious of the person pulling you over, here’s what you can do:

Call 911 and verify the legitimacy of the officer.

Request the officer show picture identification.

Pull over in a populated area, such as a parking lot.

Continue onto a well-lit area if the stop occurs at night.

Ask the officer to request a marked unit respond.

“If you are absolutely certain this individual who is pulling you over is not a cop, you may ask that person to call for a marked unit,” said Hadfield.

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