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09/18/17 Thurston County, WA – Disorderly Subject Maybe With A Gun Call – Into Patrol Car To Steal It – Suprise – K9 Jaxx Chased Him Out – Suspect Jumps – Jaxx Runs Him Down

September 18, 2017


A would-be car thief who allegedly tried to steal a Thurston County Sheriff’s Office patrol car was stopped by a sheriff’s K9 that was still in the car Saturday.

The sheriff’s office said K9 Jaxx and his handler, Deputy Bagby, were dispatched to a business in Lacey for reports of a disorderly subject who might have a gun. It was later determined the suspect had tried to steal multiple vehicles in the parking lot, including ones that had people inside them, according to the sheriff’s office.

When Jaxx and Bagby arrived, the suspect away and eventually jumped into the passenger side of the deputy’s car and tried to steal it. Unfortunately for the suspect, Jaxx was inside and chased him out of the car.

As Bagby tried to chase the suspect down, the suspect allegedly charged at Bagby and tried to fight him even though the suspect had already been hit with a Taser.

Jaxx was released from the car and was able to stop the suspect. But after Jaxx was ordered to back off, the suspect allegedly tried to fight again and grabbed at the deputy’s equipment. Jaxx took the suspect down one more time.

The suspect was finally arrested.

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