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08/11/17  Wichita Falls, TX – Escaped State Hospital Patient Steals Patrol Car – Suspect Shot – Chase – Hits Other Vehicle – Patrol Car Totaled – Captured

August 11, 2017


Police have confirmed that Cody Workman, the man police say escaped from the State Hospital yesterday, had been shot in the lower torso prior to his capture. He has received medical treatment at United Regional, where he remains today.

The investigation continues and we are told that one Wichita Falls Police officer has been placed on paid administrative leave. We will report more details as they become available.

Wichita County sheriff, David Duke says the state hospital patient was able to scale a fence and escape at around 9:30 this morning while being transferred from one building to another.

Young County Sheriff, Travis Babcock said this afternoon it was his office that dropped Cody workman off at the state hospital in late July on a court order pending criminal charges, and that Workman should be considered dangerous.

“Can we see that from right here, the state hospital? Yeah, that’s the building right there. You see the tower? Yeah?” Bobby Teague
Bobby Teague says when they moved to the area of Rathgeber and Stone Lake 15- years ago they were aware the North Texas State Hospital sat on the other side of a field about a mile away.

“When we built the house here we actually thought of it and, incidentally, when we were building our house, someone broke out and stole our plumbers truck and drove it to Vernon.” Bobby Teague

It was in the area between Teague’s home and the state hospital. A search began at around 9:30 Wednesday morning.

Sergeant Harold McClure says the PD Joined the search for what was described as a walk- off from the state hospital.

Then, he says their suspect was located at around 3:30 by an officer at Rathgeber and Stone Lake.

“Shortly after that, we got a call from the officer that shots were fired. The suspect was able to gain access to the officer’s patrol car and then fled the scene in it. I’m not sure actually the path he took. But, it’s wooded and some of it’s hilly. There’s some, like drainage ditch and things back there, so he had a pretty rough ride.” Sergeant Harold McClure

This is the spot investigators believe the patrol car came out from that rough terrain after hitting at least one vehicle.

It came down and across the 2000 block of Highway 79 before coming to a stop.

“Officers were able to get to this location and were able to take the suspect into custody. He was transported to the hospital for his injuries he sustained.” Sergeant Harold McClure

Sergeant McClure says the officer involved in the shooting did not suffer serious injuries.

No other injuries were reported.

No further comment has been made by police on the investigation nor the extent of Workman’s injuries.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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