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08/6/18 Logan County, WV – Man Arrested On Warrants Steals A Town Of Man, WV Police Car – Attempts To Run Officer Down – SHOT By Police Escaping – Found Later Hiding In Woman’s Van – Bleeding


UPDATE 08.05.18:

Logan County Sheriffs department has confirmed Scott Earnest was taken into custody Sunday night. Earnest is accused of stealing a police cruiser. Deputies say he may have been injured.

ORIGINAL 08.05.18:

Deputies in Logan County say a police cruiser has been stolen in the county.

The incident took place Sunday. The cruiser belongs to the Man Police Department.

Deputies say that at this time, they do not have the suspect’s full name, but say his last name is Ernest.

Both county and state officers are assisting in locating the vehicle.

This is a developing story. We will continue to update you on air and online as we receive new information.

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