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July 4, 2019


An FBI vehicle containing guns and a bulletproof vest was stolen from a Near West Side gas station early Monday morning while an agent was pumping gas, authorities said. It was found later in the evening a few blocks the FBI’s Chicago offices in the Tri-Taylor neighborhood.

According to Chicago Police and the FBI, a 32-year-old agent left a white 2014 Chevrolet Equinox unattended with the engine running for a moment at the Shell station at Jackson Boulevard and Morgan Street when a man jumped into the vehicle and fled around 1 a.m.

The FBI said the vehicle contained several firearms and tactical gear, including a ballistic vest. Police dispatchers said the vehicle contained SWAT gear and three guns, an M4 assault rifle and two Glock handguns, at the time of the incident. (Get Patch real-time email alerts for the latest news for Chicago — or your neighborhood. And iPhone users: Check out Patch’s new app.)

The theft was reported to the Chicago Police Department, which is working with the FBI and other agencies as the investigation continues, according to an FBI spokesperson.

There are numerous surveillance cameras in the area, and they likely captured a good image of the thief’s face, the gas station’s manager told WBBM.
Monday afternoon, Chicago police appeared to find some of the stolen FBI property, including a stun grenade, ammunition and a gas mask, abandoned in the area.
The SUV was found Monday evening after it was issued a parking ticket on the 900 block of South Leavitt Street, just a few blocks from the FBI Chicago field office, authorities said.

Home surveillance video shows someone leaving the vehicle, wiping it down and possibly being picked up by a gray sedan around 11:30 a.m., a resident told the Chicago Tribune.

As Equinox was immediately taken for processing, investigators were not able to determine if the firearms stolen along with the vehicle were still inside, according to the Tribune. An official confirmed another vehicle was found earlier Monday with some of the stolen gear but none of the guns.

Anyone with any information about the theft has been asked to contact Chicago police or the FBI.