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07/3/18 Glendale, AZ – Police Unmarked Silverado With Emergency Lights And Firearms Stolen From Glendale Police Department – Massive Search For This Vehicle


Glendale Police officials say an unmarked police vehicle has been stolen.

According to a statement, the car was stolen near the 5100 block of W. Wood Drive, at about 6:44 a.m. Tuesday. The car is described as a light brown 2015 Chevrolet Silverado LT extended cab pickup truck with four doors, with Arizona license plate number CJ51057.

Glendale Police officials say the car has a matching painted tonneau bed cover and hidden red and blue emergency lights that can be activated in the front and rear of the truck. Inside the car are police indicia, equipment, and firearms belonging to DPS.

Glendale Police officials are asking anyone who sees the vehicle to not approach it, use caution, and call 911 immediately.

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