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07/13/18 Albertville, AL – Detective In Police Tahoe Stopped To Help Man Push His Disabled Vehicle To Side Of Road – Man Jumps Into His Police Tahoe Then Locks Doors And Backs Up – Officers Struggled With And Arrested Him


An Albertville man landed in jail after his car broke down and he attempted to steal a police cruiser.

Albertville Police Chief Jamie Smith said a detective and a concerned citizen stopped around 11 a.m. Thursday morning to help a man push his vehicle on South Broad Street near the intersection of Alabama Highway 75.

Smith said the detective and citizen were pushing the Nissan pickup and the driver of the truck walked away. Smith said the detective turned around to look for the truck’s driver and he was sitting in the driver’s seat of the detective’s APD Tahoe. Smith said when the detective approached the vehicle, the man put the vehicle in gear, which locked the doors to the Tahoe. The man then backed away from the scene and suddenly stopped.

The detective called for backup and officers were able to get the man out of the police vehicle. He was taken into custody after a brief struggle Smith said.

Smith said Octavio Lopez Altamirano, 24, of Albertville, was charged with first-degree theft of property with additional charges pending. Smith said he remains in Albertville City Jail and no bond has been issued.

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