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05/19/17 Hillsboro, MO – Man Wanted For Burlgaries In Handcuffs Steals Police Vehicle – Drives Toward Officer – Hits Other Police Car – Gun Shots Fired At Police Car – Escaped

May 19, 2017


The massive search for a suspect who stole a squad car in Jefferson County ended overnight.

Jason Wilson, 32, was being sought by Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department officials after a string of burglaries.

According to Sheriff Dave Marshak of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, detectives placed Wilson, who was wanted in four or five burglaries, in a police vehicle with a seatbelt on. When officers were making calls to the prosecutor’s office, Wilson jumped into the driver’s seat of the police vehicle and drove away.

Wilson drove towards an officer, hitting the officer’s vehicle.  The officer then fired gunshots towards the stolen vehicle.

Shots were not fired towards officers, and Wilson was not armed, as originally reported by police.

Wilson fled a quarter-mile down the road, abandoned the vehicle and ran into the woods.

“All of our weapons in the vehicle are accounted for, so we don’t believe he’s armed with any of our weapons at this time,” said Capt. Gary Higginbotham, with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

The manhunt for Wilson ended early Friday morning when he was taken into custody. Details regarding his capture have not been released.

All schools in Hillsboro, Missouri went on a modified lockdown Thursday afternoon while Jefferson County sheriff’s deputies and Hillsboro Police searched for Wilson in the area of Highway 21 and Route B.

The Hillsboro R-3 School District said that students were able to walk around in school, but no one was able to enter or exit the buildings. The district emphasized this was a precautionary measure.  Shortly after 4 p.m., the district began the process of working to get students home.

According to police, Wilson is known to law-enforcement and has a long criminal record.  Wilson is currently on probation.

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