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05/28/18 Indianapolis, IN – Man Steals Marion County Prisoner Van – Pursuit – Spike Strips – Crash – Same Man In April Broke Into IMPD Headquarters


An Indianapolis man is spending Memorial Day in jail after reportedly taking a jail wagon on a joyride.

Police chased 48-year-old Wilfredo Quiles through two counties before nabbing behind the wheel of the sheriff’s department vehicle. Once they caught up to him, officers learned Quiles is no stranger to the law. In fact, he was arrested just a month ago for breaking into IMPD’s Southwest District headquarters.

Investigators say Quiles has been in and out of jail repeatedly for years. Over the weekend, he managed to jump behind the wheel of the Marion County inmate transport van and lead police on a 15-minute pursuit.

On April 29, Quiles allegedly broke glass on the front doors of IMPD’s Southwest District headquarters, doing hundreds of dollars in damage. Once inside, he reportedly faked being shot and then threatened to harm an officer and his family.

13 Investigates learned that Quiles has been arrested, booked into the Marion County Jail and released nine times.

Despite the burglary at the police offices, a judge released Quiles on his own recognizance on May 7. Court records show his original bond was $60,000 before he walked out a free man.

Quiles is facing both felony and misdemeanor charges for his latest run-in with the law. He should learn when he’ll go to court to face those charges sometime this week.

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