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03/30/17 Buffalo, NY – Man Steals Buffalo Police’s New Charger – Smashes Into Fire Hydrant Causing Flooding – Other Buffalo Police Cars Damaged

March 30, 2017


A suspect is in custody after stealing a Buffalo police cruiser and crashing on Minnesota Avenue this afternoon.

The cruiser, one of the department’s new Dodge Chargers, smashed into a fire hydrant outside a home at 375 Minnesota.

“The person who entered the vehicle was able to drive away in it the officer immediately recognized that the vehicle was missing,” said Lieutenant Jeff Rinaldo for the Buffalo Police Department.

Police tell 7 Eyewitness News the car was stolen from the B-District parking lot Downtown, and drove it towards the East Side, where he crashed into a fire hydrant, inundating part of the streets.

“As soon as they got down here where the are right now, they all cornered him and just crashed into him!” said Monica June, who witnessed the chase

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