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3/21/18 – Houston, TX – DWI Arrest – Suspect In Back Of Patrol Car – Woman With Suspected Mental Illness Comes Out Of Woods – Steals Patrol Car With Prisoner – Chase – Captured


What started as a DWI arrest ended with a stolen cop car and short police chase.

The wild chain of events began on Post Oak near the 610 Loop but ended with officers chasing one of their own cruisers to Pine Hollow in west Houston.

Houston police say they were arresting a suspected drunk driver. The arrest was going smoothly and they were finishing things up when a woman emerged from the woods near the traffic stop.

Police say she got into the unlocked patrol car with the DUI suspect inside and drove away.

That started a quick police chase that ended around the corner. Officers were completely unaware their own patrol car would be stolen and driven off into the night.

Houston Police Lt. Larry Crowson said, “They heard the door slam on the patrol car. Apparently a female had walked up out of the woods, jumped into the patrol car and took off with the prisoner in the back.”

The woman pulled over after a very short chase. She was wearing a dark hoodie, and authorities say she may have been suffering from some sort of mental health crisis.

She is being evaluated while the DA considers what charges she may face.

Meanwhile, the DWI suspect was apparently so under the influence that police say he was unaware of the commotion.

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