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Products and Services 
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The Tremco Police Package Integrated Anti-Theft System: 
  1. Quick and easy plug in installation for all police  package vehicles. 
  2. Activates automatically every time the shift lever is   placed into "park".
  3. Secures vehicle whether the engine is running or not. It is a 24 hour protection system.  
  4. Reduces department liability and saves lives. 
  5. Bypass switch for civilian maintenance situations. 
Product Specifications: 
  1. The Anti-Theft system will turn on automatically every time the vehicle shift lever  is placed in the "park" position. The system shall not require a key or switch to activate, since quick departures are common in police procedures.  This technology  enhances 100% usage.
  2. With the motor running and the Anti-Theft system activated, the automatic transmission shift lever 
    won't move out of the "park" position.
  3. The motor of a parked vehicle with the Anti-Theft system will be capable of starting, but the shift lever won't move out of the "park" position as in #2. 
  4. The Anti-Theft system shall be deactivated by means of  a not easily identifiable covert hidden floor switch
    system made of rubber material that has no electrical wires to sustain water damage.
  5. The Anti-Theft system shall be simple in design and   require minimum time to install by agency personnel. (Less than ten minutes). No specialty tools required.
  6. The Anti-Theft system shall include detailed quality installation instructions and if requested, on-site
    installation training at the agency facility by the vendor.
  7. Warranty must be at least one year from installation for all parts. 
  8. The Anti-Theft system must have proven track record in the field having been in production for at least five
    years prior to the bid opening date.  Names and phone numbers of at least twenty five Police agencies using this  system must be sent  with the invitation to bid. 
How it works: 

The Tremco police package anti-theft system simply locks the shift lever in the park position every time the vehicle is put in park.  To unlock the shift lever, the officer has to depress the hidden foot actuator.  The system is equipped with a buzzer that will sound when the shift lever can be moved.  The system also has an "on-off" switch on the control box. This has been provided so the system can be shut  off and the vehicle can be returned to its normal


The Tremco Police Anti-Theft System:  
  • Now Police can leave their cruisers running unattended for emergency situations. 
  • Allows emergency lighting ... computers, radios, heaters, air conditioners, and defrosters to operate while maintaining needed battery current. 
  • Gives police officer more security at the scene of an accident or when the cruiser is occupied by prisoners/passengers while the engine and accessories are running. 
  • Inexpensive.  Fast and easy to use with our patented camouflaged system. 
  • Easy installation in less than ten minutes.

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