Akron woman in cuffs drives cruiser 

Police allege suspect left alone in back climbed into front to sit at wheel
By Stephanie Warsmith
Beacon Journal staff writer

An Akron woman who was left alone in handcuffs in a rookie police 
officer's cruiser took the car for a  joy ride Wednesday, police

Kimberly S. Walker drove the cruiser about two blocks and abandoned it, 
police say. She was found hiding in a parked van, according to police

Police say Walker had yelled at and tried to slug officers responding to 
an assault call in the 400 block of Talbot Avenue about 2 a.m. Wednesday, 
according to police records.

Officers Adam LeMonier and James Carmany arrested and handcuffed Walker 
and put her in the back of their cruiser. They then responded to a 
call reporting a domestic dispute six houses away. While LeMonier 
was dealing with the call, Carmany stayed in the cruiser. But he
then got out -- and left the car running -- as he talked to two
men standing behind it.

Police say Walker managed to climb into the front seat and drove away.

Officers found the stolen cruiser in the 1000 block of East Crosier
Street and discovered Walker hiding in a van parked in her
neighbor's driveway.

Walker faces five charges, including grand theft auto and, for 
the handcuffs, theft. She is expected to be arraigned this morning
in Akron Municipal Court.

Police say Carmany had Walker belted in and had locked the 
cruiser's windows and doors. They noted that no one - including Walker
-- was injured, and the cruiser was not damaged.

Still, police supervisors are investigating Carmany's actions to
determine if he violated departmental rules, said Lt. Sylvia Trundle.

Carmany joined the force in July with the department's latest class.